Welcome to the Tru Talent Music Studio!

The Tru Talent Music founder understands the gift of music and believes that it is to be shared with all those that have a desire to partake!

Our mission is to grow one’s love of music through the development of skill, performance, creativity, knowledge and unwavering respect for the gift of Tru Music living uniquely in you for a lifetime!

Tru Music Teacher Goals are to:
  • Teach skills that will enable steady progression and long-lasting aptitude in music performance
  • Activate the innate ability to play music with skill, passion, and musicianship
  • Instill a solid musical foundation that will allow students to apply advanced musical practices to performance and in listening with high musical intelligence
  • Help students become fluent sight-readers
  • Prepare students to advanced levels of music education.
  • Encourage a deeper and broadened sense of music appreciation
  • Diversify each student’s musical palette through exposure to various music genres and styles
  • Embrace each student’s uniqueness and creativity to translate into optimal performance in music AND life, enabling them to ALWAYS love music in several forms.